Math 212: Calculus II

Welcome to the course home page for Section 18742 of Math 212, Calculus II, with Prof. Patricia Hersh. Class meets MWF, 11:15am-12:05pm in Woodburn Hall 111. Recitations are Thursdays, 11:15am-12:05pm, in the following locations: Foster Quadrangle 012A (Section 18743), Optometry School 107 (Section 18744), and Ballantine 137 (Section 18745).

Textbook: "Calculus, Early Transcendentals Single Variable" (5th edition), by James Stewart

Special Final Exam Arrangements for students with Econ 201 Exam Conflict: These students must take the math 212 exam at 3:30pm on Mon. Dec. 11 in Rawles Hall 104, you will finish at 5:30pm, then proceed immediately to Wylie Hall 329 for the Econ 201 final exam where you will be given two hours for that exam.

My office hours: Mon 2:30-3:30pm and Wed 2:30-3:30pm (Rawles Hall 317).

Special bonus office hour: Sunday, Dec. 10, 3-5pm

AI office hours: Tues 12:15-2:15pm (Nusret Balci, Swain East 130); Wed 9-10am, Thurs 10-11am, Fri 9-10am (JC Wang, Swain East 334); Thurs 2:30-4:30pm (Amy Schollmeier, 1103 Atwater).

Help sessions for 211/212: Mondays 4:40-6:35pm (Swain East 010), Tuesdays 4:40-6:35pm (Ballantine 139), Wednesdays 4:40-6:35pm (Swain East 010), and Thursdays 4:40-6:35pm (Sycamore Hall 003).

Extra study sessions: Professor Peters is holding weekly study sessions on Wednesday evenings, 7-8:15pm, in Swain East 240. Students from all sections of math 212 are welcome. (Professor Peters is the math 212 course head, so he coordinates the various sections of math 212 taught by various professors.)

Exam dates: 1st Hourly Exam: Friday, September 22nd, in lecture; 2nd Hourly Exam: Friday, October 20th, in lecture; 3rd Hourly Exam: Friday, November 17th, in lecture; Final Exam: Monday, Dec. 11th, 5-7pm, Woodburn 111 (our usual classroom). Warning: There are no make-up hourly or final exams, so please make sure now that you will not have a conflict with any of these exam dates/times!

Prerequisite material: For those of you who placed directly into math 212 and want to make sure you've learned all the material in math 211, here's a link to the web site from last school year for math 211 where you can find the 211 course syllabus. I'd also suggest students who took math 211 several years ago go back and make sure you remember the material from math 211. Math 211 uses the same textbook we are using, so if you feel shaky on some topics from 211, I'd recommend reading those sections of the book while it's still early in the semester and doing some extra exercises from those sections. You could also get help with 211 material at the help sessions, particularly since these are designed for both math 211 and 212.

Course handouts and links:

Syllabus (in postscript) (in pdf).

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