Math 303: Linear Algebra for Undergrad

Welcome to the course home page for Math 303, Linear Algebra for Undergrad, with Prof. Patricia Hersh. Class meets TuTh, 1-2:15pm in Swain East 010. My email address is phersh at indiana dot edu. The homework grader for the class is Chun Kit Anthony Suen (cksuen at indiana dot edu).

Final exam and course grades: the final exams have been graded and the course grades should now be available through Onestart and Oncourse. The final exam median score was 77 percent, which I thought was quite good, since it was a pretty challenging exam. You are welcome to send me an email requesting your final exam score and/or course grade if you would like me to email these to you. You are also welcome to drop by my office to look at your final exam if you'd like. Have a good summer!

Textbook: "Linear Algebra and its Applications", by David Lay.

Office hours: Mondays 2:30-3:30pm, Thursdays 4-5pm

Exam dates: 1st Hourly Exam: Tuesday, Feb. 5, in lecture; 2nd Hourly Exam: Thursday, March 27, in lecture; Final Exam: Thursday, May 1st, 5-7pm, in our usual classroom. Warning: There are no make-up hourly or final exams, so please make sure now that you will not have a conflict with any of these exam dates/times!

Course handouts and links:

Syllabus (in pdf).
Homework .
M301 Final Exam from Spring 2005 .

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