AMS special session on algebraic combinatorics:

Brian Taylor and I are coorganizing an AMS special session on algebraic combinatorics at the sectional meeting to be held March 1-3, 2002 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the Univ. of Michigan, specifically Room 260 of Dennison Hall. (This is a change from the room we were originally assigned!) The math department is in East Hall, which (fortunately) is very close to Dennison Hall. Both buildings are a little bit below the center of this map. The Michigan math department has also made a web page for the AMS meeting with information about Ann Arbor, etc.

Below is a schedule of speakers followed by information on accomodations. The special session talks are 20-25 minutes each, including questions. The AMS web page for the conference says that Metropolitan Shuttlebus Service (734)727-1740 now provides tranportation between the Detroit airport and the University of Michigan campus for $22 per person one-way or $40 roundtrip. (This is new, so I'd suggest calling them to be sure!) Otherwise, you will face either a $40-$50 cab fare each way or need to rent a car. Also, some of the hotels below could fill up before the AMS deadlines.

Schedule of special session talks, invited addresses and reception:

Friday afternoon, March 1st:

1pm ----- Sergey Fomin -- "Generalized associahedra" (with Andrei Zelevinsky)
1:30pm -- Art Duval -- "Obstructions to shifted families" (with John Shareshian)
2pm ----- Mercedes Rosas -- "Remarks on some connections between symmetric functions and resultants" (with Joel Stein)
2:30pm -- Break.
3pm ----- Jeremy Martin -- "Ordered planar trees and the slope variety of the complete graph"
3:30pm -- Jessica Sidman -- "The Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of subspace arrangements" (with Harm Derksen)
4pm ----- Volkmar Welker -- "Some poset constructions motivated by commutative algebra" (with Anders Björner)
4:30pm -- Eva-Maria Feichtner -- "Cohomology of toric varieties from a combinatorial viewpoint"

5:10-6pm ---- AMS invited address ---- Lihe Wang

Saturday morning, March 2nd:

8:30am -- Dmitry Kozlov -- "Combinatorics of Resonances"
9am ----- John Shareshian -- "Analogues of the Lie character for GL_n(q)"
9:30am -- Axel Hultman -- "Polygraph arrangements"
10am ---- Sheila Sundaram -- "Permutation enumeration by Pairs of Congruence Classes of Major Index"
10:30am - Gabor Hetyei -- "Contractible and sphere-homotopic independence complexes" (with Richard Ehrenborg)
11am ---- Diane Maclagan -- "A random walk on zero-one contingency tables" (with Persi Diaconis)

11:40am-12:30pm ---- AMS invited address ---- Alan Reid

Saturday afternoon, March 2nd:

2-2:50pm ---- AMS invited address ---- Thaleia Zariphopoulou

3pm ----- John Stembridge -- "A weighted enumeration of maximal chains in the Bruhat order"
3:30pm -- Frank Sottile -- "Skew Schubert Polynomials" (with Cristian Lenart)
4pm ----- Greg Warrington -- "Properties of the Betti numbers of Schubert varieties"
4:30pm -- Ezra Miller -- "Subword complexes in Coxeter groups" (with Allen Knutson)

5:10-6pm ---- AMS invited address ---- Laszlo Babai

6-7pm ---- AMS reception ---- Atrium of East Hall

Sunday morning, March 3rd:

9-9:50am ---- AMS invited address ---- Nets Katz

10am ---- Bernard Leclerc -- "On the dual canonical basis of U_q(n)"
10:30am - Peter Magyar -- "Sperner's Lemma and Representation Theory"
11am ---- Mark Shimozono -- "A Tensor Product Theorem for Perfect Crystals"
11:30am - Isabella Novik -- "A short simplicial h-vector and the Upper Bound Theorem" (with Patricia Hersh)
12pm ---- Sam Hsiao -- "Quasisymmetric functions and Eulerian enumeration" (with Louis Billera and Stephanie van Willigenburg)
12:30pm - Richard Ehrenborg -- "Inequalities for polytopes"

AMS meeting one hour invited address speakers:

Laszlo Babai, U. Chicago
Nets H. Katz, Washington U.
Alan Reid, U. Texas at Austin
Lihe Wang, U. Iowa
Thaleia Zariphopoulou, U. Texas at Austin

Special session speaker list:

Art Duval, UT El Paso
Richard Ehrenborg, U. Kentucky
Eva-Maria Feichtner, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
Sergey Fomin, U. Michigan
Gabor Hetyei, UNC Charlotte
Sam Hsiao, Cornell
Axel Hultman, KTH (Sweden)
Dmitry Kozlov, U. Washington and KTH (Sweden)
Datta Kulkarni, Oakland U.
Bernard Leclerc, U. de Caen (France)
Diane Maclagan, Stanford
Peter Magyar, Michigan State
Jeremy Martin, UCSD
Ezra Miller, MIT
Isabella Novik, U. Washington
Mercedes Rosas, U. Simon Bolivar (Venezuala)
John Shareshian, Washington U. in St. Louis
Mark Shimozono, Virginia Tech
Jessica Sidman, U. Michigan
Frank Sottile, U. Mass Amherst
John Stembridge, U. Michigan
Sheila Sundaram, Danbury CT
Greg Warrington, U. Mass Amherst
Volkmar Welker, U. Marburg (Germany)


If the AMS hotels below are all full, there are plenty of other hotels in Ann Arbor, but many of them are far from campus. I strongly recommend getting something within walking distance of campus -- Ann Arbor buses do not run early or late enough on weekends to allow you to get to all the talks, and parking can be somewhat difficult/expensive around campus. Here is a web page listing lots of Ann Arbor hotels, but I think a large fraction of these are far from campus.

AMS conference hotel info (copied directly from AMS web page):

Participants should make their own arrangements directly with the hotel of their choice and request the AMS/Sectional Meeting discount. The AMS is not responsible for rate changes or for the quality of the accommodations. Rates do not include taxes.

On Campus Hotels

The Inn at the Michigan League, 911 North University, Ann Arbor, MI 48109; 734-764-3177; $115 single, $125 double ($10 each additional person), $205 single suite, $220 double suite. Deadline for reservations is February 1.

Bell Tower, 300 South Thayer, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, (800) 562-3559; 2001 rates: $135 single and $150 double (2002 rates to be determined). Deadline for reservations is January 28.

Campus Inn, 615 East Huron, Ann Arbor, MI 48104; (800) 666-8693; 2001 rates: $120 single and $137 double (2002 rates to be determined). Deadline for reservations is January 28.

Off Campus Hotels (approx 5 miles from Central Campus)

Holiday Inn-North Campus, 3600 Plymouth Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105, (800) 800-5560; $86 single or double. Deadline for reservations is February 1.

Van service to Central Campus provided subject to availability

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