Special session on algebraic combinatorics in Mainz, Germany:

The second joint meeting of the American/Austrian/German Math. Societies will be held June 16-19, 2005. In addition to our special session on algebraic combinatorics, there will be sessions on related topics at the same meeting include a session on discrete geometry and a session on Hilbert functions and syzygies.

Here is the official conference web site, where you can register for the conference and find other information on things like hotels.

Mainz is not hard to get to within Europe, in that it is a half hour train ride from the Frankfurt airport. This joint meeting is also immediately before FPSAC in Taormina, Italy (June 20-25), which we hope will make it more convenient for some people to travel to Europe.

Schedule for our Special Session:

Special Session Organizers:

Patricia Hersh -- Indiana University (USA)
Christian Krattenthaler -- Lyon (Austria/France)
Volkmar Welker -- Marburg (Germany)