AMS special session on rings, algebras and varieties in combinatorics:


Patricia Hersh, Indiana University and North Carolina State University, phersh at
Cristian Lenart, SUNY Albany, lenart at
Nathan Reading, North Carolina State University, nreadin at

Location: April 4-5, 2009 at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) is 20 minutes drive from NCSU.

Hotels: The AMS hasn't yet given hotel recommendations, but two hotels which are within easy walking distance of the math department at NCSU are the Holiday Inn Brownstone Hotel (800-331-7919) and the Velvet Cloak Inn (888-828-0335 toll free). Another very well-located option, which is a little fancier, is the Cameron Park Inn Bed and Breakfast (888-257-2171).

Abstract submission deadline: February 10, 2009, to be submitted electronically at the AMS abstract submission web site

Focus themes of the session: Macdonald polynomials, cluster algebras and totally nonnegative spaces, Schubert varieties, Hilbert series and face numbers

List of speakers:

Francesco Brenti (University of Rome 2), ``The Veronese construction, h-vectors, and unimodality''
Satyan Devadoss (Williams College), ``Graph Multiplihedra''
Jim Haglund (U. Penn), ``Hall Littlewood Polynomials and the Nabla Operator from Macdonald Theory''
Mark Haiman (UC Berkeley), ``$k$-Schur functions, graded $S_n$-modules, and the flag variety''
Matjaz Konvalinka (Vanderbilt University), ``MacMahon master theorem in Hecke algebras''
Thomas Lam (Harvard), ``Total positivity for loop groups''
Aaron Lauve (Texas A and M), ``Hopf structures on binary trees''
Nick Loehr (Virginia Tech), ``Rook-by-Rook Rook Theory''
Eran Nevo (Cornell University), ``On the g-conjecture''
Isabella Novik (University of Washington), ``A variety of recent results concerning f-vectors of manifolds''
John Shareshian (Washington University in St. Louis),``Cyclic sieving and permutation statistics''
David Speyer (MIT), ``Non-crossing and non-nesting bases for the coordinate rings of the Grassmannian''
Ed Swartz (Cornell), ``f-vectors of manifolds with boundary''
Julianna Tymoczko (University of Iowa), ``Pieri rules''
Michelle Wachs (University of Miami), ``Rees products of posets and lexicographical shellability''
Greg Warrington (Wake Forest University and University of Vermont),``Bitableau bases for Garsia-Haiman modules of hollow type''
Lauren Williams (Harvard), ``Positivity results for cluster algebras''

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