MSRI Postdoc Seminar Schedule (Subject to revision)
Fall 2004: Tuesdays 11am--noon, 2850 Telegraph Ave., 6th floor seminar room

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
August 31
Aaron Abrams MSRI/Emory University Configuration spaces and braid groups of graphs
September 7
Nick Proudfoot MSRI/U. Texas Equivariant topology of real hyperplane arrangements
September 14
Mark de Longueville Freie Universitaet Berlin Cohomology rings of subspace arrangements
September 21
Giulio Caviglia MSRI/UC Berkeley An introduction to Koszul algebras (followed by discussion of Koszulness of Pinched Veronese)
September 30 (note special day!)
Paul Hacking MSRI/Yale Moduli spaces of arrangements
October 5
No seminar -- topology workshop
October 12 Daniel Matei MSRI Arrangements of planes in R^4
October 19
Simona Settepanella MSRI/Universita di Pisa Salvetti's complex and cohomology of Braid arrangements with local coefficients
October 26 Patricia Hersh MSRI/Indiana University-Bloomington Discrete Morse theory for poset order complexes and a GL_n(F_q) analogue of the partition lattice
November 2 No seminar -- combinatorics workshop
November 9 Sergi Elizalde MSRI Refined enumeration of pattern-avoiding permutations
November 16 Kevin Woods UC Berkeley Counting with generating functions
November 23 Helene Barcelo (in lieu of postdoc seminar) Arizona State A discrete homotopy theory for graphs and simplicial complexes
November 30 David Speyer UC Berkeley Tropical linear spaces
December 7 Luis Garcia MSRI/Texas A and M Minimal Cohen-Macaulay deformations of matroid ideals