AMS special session on topology and combinatorics:

This session will consist of 12 talks, each of 45 minutes in length. About half will be by topologists and about half by combinatorialists. The longer talk format is intended to enable speakers to make talks accessible to those in the other field. Speakers are encouraged to choose topics they believe could benefit from input from the other field and would be interesting to those in the other field.


Laura Anderson, SUNY-Binghamton
Patricia Hersh, North Carolina State University

Location: October 2-3, 2010 at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York.

Hotels, registration, and other practical information: Suggestions appear on the AMS web page.

Abstract submission deadline: August 10, 2010, to be submitted electronically at the AMS abstract submission web site


Saturday, October 2nd:

8-8:45am, Jim Davis, Indiana University, Characteristic classes of matroid bundles and applications

9-9:45am, Alex Engstrom, UC Berkeley, Topological representation of matroids from diagrams of spaces

10-10:45am, Emanuele Delucchi, Universitat Bremen, Germany, Complex matroids

3-3:45pm, Russ Woodroofe, Washington University in St. Louis, Chordal clutters and k-decomposability

4-4:45pm, Kari Ragnarsson, Depaul University, The boolean complex of a Coxeter system

5-5:45pm, Ed Swartz, Cornell University, Topology and combinatorics of linear quotients of spheres

Sunday, October 3rd:

8-8:45am, Jon McCammond, UC Santa Barbara, Hyperbolic Coxeter groups and their finite simple cousins

9-9:45am, John Shareshian, Washington University in St. Louis, Subgroup lattices of finite solvable groups

10-10:45am, Kyle Petersen, Depaul University, What does the $\gamma$-vector count?

3-3:45pm, Aaron Abrams, Emory University, Area relations in triangulations of a square

4-4:45pm, Karen Vogtmann, Cornell University, Homomorphisms from Out($F_n$) to Out($F_m$)

5-5:45pm, Satyan Devadoss, Williams College, Deformations of bordered Riemann surfaces and convex polytopes